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John CounselPearlMaker SystemI’m John Counsel, founder and CEO of The Profit Clinic MLM Success Centre and creator of this powerful, fully-integrated, content-rich, feature-packed system.

There are TWO distinct phases in building a network marketing business: before you sponsor a prospect, then after you sponsor them.

Your short-term success depends on how well you can handle the first phase, while your long-term success depends on how you handle BOTH. That’s because unless you can help your new team members get into profit and begin sponsoring FAST, they won’t stay. They’ll quit.

This webinar is all about finding and sponsoring eager, educated, qualified, targeted people who…

  • have a clear vision and realistic expectations of this business
  • know what to do to succeed due to the right training, and
  • know how to go about achieving it using the right tools!

Discover the powerful, productive, profitable and affordable benefits of this unique, FOURTH Generation™ system

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Qualifying Funnel

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